Marianne Moore’s Bryn Mawr Poetry

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This site is designed using the CommentPress format which allows annotations and comments of the essay. I have used the comment function to create different types of analysis. For example, “To Come After a Sonnet” is analyzed through juxtaposed readings. Comments are titled READING A and READING B to differentiate the two perspectives. (My use of the form as a mode of analysis is further elaborated on in the Introduction).

To access the comments, click the small number on the left hand side of the text, the speech bubble on the right hand side of the text or select a paragraph from the scroll bar on the right hand side of the screen. This action will allow you to read comments that were made on specific paragraphs. Once in the scrollbar, you can add your comment (which is very welcome!). Do not worry if your comment does not appear immediately; it must be approved by me before becoming visible on the site. I will approve all comments that are not spam.

The site is designed to let you navigate freely between poems and comments. However, the Introduction provides the framework for the essay, so it was written to be read before the exploration of the poems.

Please feel free to ask any questions via comment about the use of the essay.

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